United States Court decisions that enforce mahr provisions in Islamic marriage contracts, commonly rely on expert consultants in Islamic law to clarify the terms of the agreements. U.S. Judges admit  testimony from expert consultants in Islamic divorce to resolve any ambiguity in the mahr agreements.

In a recent case, the client contacted me and sought my legal advice on  recognition of her foreign divorce obtained in Abu Dhabi including the mahr agreement. Accordingly, I wrote an affidavit to the Supreme Court of Westchester County, New York, seeking recognition of my client’s foreign divorce and her mahr contract valued at $250,000. The Supreme Court agreed with our opinion and handed down a judgment for recognition of the foreign divorce and awarded my client  the full amount. You may read the judgment of the Supreme Court at the following link:


We offer expert consultations on the following:

  • International Law, including laws of the Middle East and Islamic Shari’a.
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Islamic Divorce in U.S. Courts.
  • Enforcement of Islamic Mahr agreements in U.S. Courts.
  • U.S. Immigration cases dealing with Islamic divorces.
  • Hindu Divorces in U.S. family and immigration Courts.
  • Islamic marriage contracts, child custody and inheritance.


Professor Gabriel Sawma is a lawyer with Middle East background, and a nationally recognized expert consultant on Islamic marriage and divorce in USA, with over 40 years experience in International Law, mainly, recognition and enforcement of Islamic and Hindu divorces in USA. His expertise helped clients, attorneys and judges understand the nature of the mahr agreement in an Islamic marriage contract and its application in the United States and Canada.

Professor Sawma is  also expert consultant on Islamic finance; he taught Islamic finance for the MBA program at the University of Liverpool in United Kingdom.

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“International lawyer Gabriel Sawma, an authority on Sharia law, including Islamic marriage contracts.”
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“Gabriel Sawma, an attorney specializing in Muslim divorce law and professor at Farleigh Dickinson University.”
Gabriel Sawma, “Islamic Shari’a in Theory and Practice.”


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