About Gabriel Sawma
Professor: Middle East Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University.


Lawyer with Middle East Background; Graduated in 1970 from the Lebanese University, school of law.


Admitted to the Lebanese Bar Association of Beirut, 1970.


Practiced law in Beirut at the law firm of Rizkallah & Farah (1970-75).


Nominated to be a judge in Lebanon,   Lebanese Judicial Studies, (1975).


Supervised contracts in Europe and the Middle East. (1976-77).


Travelled extensively to the Middle East (1968-77).


Worked in Saudi Arabia, (1968-1970).


Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University

285 Madison Avenue,

Madison, NJ 07940-1099.


Taught the following courses:

  • Arabic 1001, Fall 2007, Spring 2008
  • Arabic 1002, Spring 2008
  • Arab Culture and Civilization, Fall 2009
  • Arab-Islamic Culture and Civilization, Fall 2011
  • Near East as Source of Western Culture
  • Middle East Constitutional Law – comparative study, including Islamic law of marriage, divorce, child custody and inheritance


Course taught at the University of Liverpool:

  • Islamic Finance, 2010




Course taught at Mercer Community College, West Windsor, New Jersey, Fall 2011.

  • Arabic 101



Professor of Arabic 101 at Princeton Adult School in Princeton, NJ (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)



Lecturer on Islamic Shari’a and its sources. See my lecture at Fairleigh Dickinson University to students and faculty:



Lectured on Islamic law of marriage, divorce, and child custody to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers at The Sagamore Resort, Lake George, New York.


Expert Consultant on Muslim family laws of the Middle East, Central Asia, and India.



Expert Consultant of Islamic divorce in USA, see our website at:




Featured on the BBC as, “Expert Consultant on Islamic divorce in USA.” The interview is posted on BBC’s website:




Featured on CNN as “Professor and Expert Consultant on Islamic sharia law.” The interview is posted on CNN’s website:




Editor in chief of a blog on International Law, mainly Islamic law of marriage, divorce and custody of children:



Author of dozens of articles dealing with Islamic divorce in USA and on International Law: Most of these articles can be found on our website at, http://www.gabrielsawma.blogspot.com


Following is a partial list of my articles on Islamic and Hindu Divorces:[1]

  • Palestinian Islamic Divorce of West Bank in USA
  • Saudi Divorce in USA
  • Saudi Divorce and U.S. Immigration
  • Saudi Arabian Child Custody Cases in USA
  • Pakistani Divorce and U.S. Immigration
  • Muslim Divorce in Tunisia
  • Muslim Divorce in Bangladesh
  • Marriage of Minors in Islam
  • The Iddat of a Woman in Islam
  • Muslim Men Marrying Non-Muslim Women
  • The Law of Marriage and Divorce in the United Arab Emirates
  • Islamic Syrian Divorce in USA
  • Islamic Yemeni Divorce in USA
  • Islamic Jordanian Divorce in USA
  • Recognition of Hindu Divorces in New York State
  • Islamic Divorce in New York State
  • The Khul’ Divorce in Egypt
  • Islamic Women Divorce Laws in Egypt
  • Muslim Iranian Divorce in USA
  • Pakistani Islamic Divorce in U.S. Courts
  • Islamic Lebanese Divorce in USA
  • Islamic Marriage Over the Phone, an interview with BBC, (see above)
  • Islamic Sharia in Theory and Practice, a Lecture at FDU, (see above)
  • Divorce in Egypt, an interview with CNN, (see above)
  • Annulment of Islamic Marriages
  • The Wali (guardian) in Islamic Marriages According to Hanafi Jurisprudence
  • Islamic Marriage Contracts in the Hanafi Jurisprudence
  • The Jihaz in Islamic Marriages
  • The Nafaqa in Islamic Marriage
  • The Mahr in Islamic Marriage Contracts
  • Indian Divorce in US Courts
  • Application of Islamic Sharia in US Courts




LANGUAGES: Speak, read and write: Arabic, English, French, Syriac, Biblical and Talmudic Aramaic



  1. 1.     Admitted to the Lebanese Bar Association of Beirut since 1970
  2. 2.     Former Associate Member of the New York Bar Association, 1982
  3. 3.     Former Associate Member of the American Bar Association, 2003



Wrote extensively on International law in the area of the European Union Law and Islamic shari’a. Following are excerpts:





Gabriel M. Sawma

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Cell (609) 915-2237

Email: [email protected]

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Email: [email protected]







[1] These articles are published and can be accessed on the following websites: http://www.islamicdivorceinusa.com

And, http://islamicdivorceinamerica.com

[2] These articles can be accessed on http://www.gabrielsawma.blogspot.com